Tuesday, July 26, 2011

strips of bacon.

it's sizzling here in los angeles, and i'm thinking about shopping.  i realized i haven't bought myself anything new in a long, long, long ass time.  tragic.  so, i'm scrolling through a collected stockpile of images on my desktop, and there seems to be no shortage of outfit ideas.  i sift through lovely item after lovely, saved item and decide i need to go for a shop, albeit a mini shop wherein i buy maybe 2-3 pieces to tide me over.  jesus, there's one folder here titled, visual inspiration, which alone has hundreds of files.  i swear, when it's time for someone to go through my belongings (because this happens with everyone, right?), this old laptop of mine, which i'm convinced is immortal and destined to outlast me, will showcase not only how organized i am, true, but will also display a visual timeline of my life.  i believe most of us who use the internet have a similar compulsion; we see something we like, we control spacebar save image as...it.  this all too easy process winds up leaving us with a whole lot of jpgs, which we then turn into boring blog posts.

see below for a glimpse at some of the outfit ideas i've been storing away.
the last four images are sets i put together on polyvore.

good times ahead.