Saturday, May 28, 2011

sunshine mutts.

we've been working our saturday away.  the hours seem muddled, and my goal to spend 50% less time in front of a screen is laughable at best.  don't fret though, tomorrow promises to be be a fun filled day.  we'll soak up some rays in griffith park with books, yummy snacks, and bare feets touching grass.  as evening takes over, we'll make our way to a friend's place where we'll eat a delicious, homemade dinner.  a little birdie told me omar's famous kale pasta will be making a special appearance on the menu, yum.

keeping me slightly sane today as i try to get things accomplished are of course, the dogs.  i look over at them and i instantly feel calm, which leads me to the subject of their midday sunbathing ritual.  providing we're home to witness the circadian event, the scene usually unfolds a little something like this: (1) sun begins streaming in through the big, arch window in our living room (2) mutts excitedly rush over to their bagel bed located conveniently under said arch window (3) spirited sunbathing session commences (4) onset of excessive panting due to over-broiling ends luxurious sunbathing session (5) mutts flee bagel island in search of precious shade

lucy & beans' daily agenda = wake up, walk, munch, play fight, snooze, sunbathe, snooze, play fight, cuddle, walk, munch, play fight, snooze, cuddle, play fight, snooze, watch tv, slumber

"hello there.  you wanna come in?  temp's just right." - beans