Friday, May 27, 2011


there will never be a lightning rod
and soon the storm shall pass
been collecting rain in tiny jars
a wish, a spec, a glimmer, a triumph

what comes of an age so deep in the ocean
the rolling black tides a pinnin’ me back
i see the wave, it comes for me
now don’t say courage, please don’t say courage

oh happiness, happiness like cracks of thunder
slivers burning wide open within
tunnels built, burrowed with laughter
she shrieks for attention, they smirk at me

i leave now across dunes of tomorrow
a pensioners sack kept heavy from working
stews of plenty, my keep for fighting
calculate the heartbreak tallied for decades

i made it to the last revival
stand against a weight so visible i’m touching
the soles of my feet push up, push up
stronger than craving, as tough as the sea