Tuesday, May 17, 2011


it was spring and sonya said, "i think you'd look really good with bangs.  i can cut some for you if you want?"  without any hesitation i said, go for it.  the little hair cutting ceremony was a new beginning for me.  as we stood in front of the mirror, i remember talking to sonya about all the big decisions i had been making.  she was giving me sage advice as her kitty ruckus tore from one end of the hallway to the other.  i told sonya i had my heart set on moving back to the east coast; my subaru loyale was packed and ready to go.  she snipped one last lock of hair, gave me a hug and told me she liked my new look.  the next day, i said goodbye to sonya and geza, and hopped into my station wagon setting a course for the atlantic.  i took interstate 80 the whole way, with only a few stops and one overnight stay in wyoming.  four days later i pulled into the driveway of my childhood home.  i ended up staying with my folks in new hampshire saving money for a couple of months for the move to burlington.  i took weekend trips up north to look for apartments and finally found a small studio on winooski ave.  the rent was 500 bucks a month and i thought the place was perfect.  i worked nights waiting tables at koto sushi in south burlington and spent my days in printmaking classes at ccv.  once the weather turned cold, i took an internship with burton to take advantage of their free season passes to stowe.  i ended up putting in around 140 days of riding that season.  the year was 2003, and although i lived there only a short time, around nine months or so, burlington will always have my heart.

here's a handful of photos from the stash of old film i've been developing.