Saturday, May 14, 2011

all in all.

the short film all in all, written and directed by friends jacki sextro (the directors bureau) and her man charlie reff (sundance), recently had its US premiere as part of the shorts in competition series at the tribeca film festival.  additional screenings of all in all are now lining up including a screening at the los angeles hammer museum on may 19th.  i'm excited to see the film and in complete awe of both jacki & charlie for being able to accomplish all this while working full time jobs.
way to hustle!

 a brief synopsis from the tribeca film festival site:
"Over the past month at Christian sleep-away camp, Marissa and Jeremy have grown in their love with God together. The two teens have also found an unspoken need for each other within their fellowship. Set against the surreal backdrop of enthusiastic leaders and Sunday school ritual, the couple will finally share their feelings before they say their goodbye."
still from all in all

(l-r) marcus, charlie, sebastian, jacki

image of actress gently plucked from
photos of real live people by me