Wednesday, May 25, 2011

33 goals set a course for 34.

i began this set of goals a handful of months ago when i decided to shake myself out of a rut.  i had somehow managed to back myself into a gigantic, seemingly never ending routine, and felt as though i was punching a clock.  happens to the best of us.  we all have great intentions; we want the best not only for ourselves but those around us.  sometimes we fail.  we're human, hard to know when to give more, when to step back, when to CHANGE things.  when you're feeling stuck and don't know what moves to make in order to get yourself unstuck, it can feel like life is collapsing around you.  nothing gets me down more than feeling like i'm repeating the same things over and over again.  what to do?  how about making a pact with yourself to refocus your mind and heart on all the things you find important.  getting your spirit back on the right path and parting with negatives can be a challenging feat, i know.  for me the catalyst for change was leaving a good paying job, which wasn't heading in the right direction creatively.  i'm also trying to overcome years of built up insecurities by asking for what i need (working on) instead of telling myself not to ask because asking for things is a sign of weakness.  i don't think i'll ever be easy on myself, but i need to be okay with that and not beat myself up over a character trait.  i'm driven and i need to see this as a positive, not a negative.  dreams, visions, goals, whatever you want to call them they've played a major role in my life.  since as far back as i can remember i've felt the need to accomplish things, and instead of turning away from ideas, because they seem to big, i have to put them into motion.  okay, okay back to the set of goals.  there are 33 on the list and i've given myself until my next birthday to accomplish as many as i can.  33 goals for my 34th year.  simple concept but highly motivating.  in no particular order, here are my goals.

i will learn how to bake bread

i will play the accordion

i will read at least one book a month

i will go up in a hot air balloon

i will take a trip to alaska & visit the town my dad lived in

i will travel the southern states

i will write a letter to patti smith

i will run a half marathon

i will write a feature script (no half written excuses)

i will take an improv class at the groundlings

i will rescue a dog or two

i will create two animated short films

i will finish my photo book here today

i will take a ballet class

i will travel to africa

i will volunteer at a local charity

i will be a contestant on a game show

i will swim more

i will submit to the nicholl fellowship

i will publish a book of poetry

i will get a tattoo

i will not drink alcohol for a month

i will learn illustrator

i will submit to the sundance screenwriters lab (again)

i will pay off two debts

i will take my parents on a trip

i will take my nana on a trip

i will DJ in public for one night

i will become certified to teach in the state of california

i will get in 20 days of snowboarding

i will wake up an hour earlier on weekdays

i will spend 50% less time in front of a screen

i will set up a booth at the sunset junction farmers market

through the looking glass and into the future.  
photo by heidi petty