Friday, April 15, 2011

day runner 2000.

i think i've had this day runner for around 10 years or so. i could have purchased it back in 2000 but i can't be sure. to be honest, i don't know why i kept it all these years. the story goes something like this...a few weeks ago i decided my business card collection, amassed over the last decade, needed a new home. i searched high and low for one of those handy dandy business card books with the plastic sleeves for business card safe-keeping when i happened upon a 96'er (a book with 96 slots for 96 business cards) at a rite-aid in burbank. thank my lucky stars, right? i brought the 96'er home and lovingly transferred most of my cards from the day runner into the handy dandy business card book; the beginning of the end for my day runner 2000. i couldn't just throw all the stuff out so i scanned most of it. i figure i can look at the crap here on they fly by night if and when i want to. incredibly unnecessary i know but sometimes i can't help myself. i have a somewhat obsessive need to: document, keep track of, calculate, remember, compile, research, organize, compartmentalize. you get the idea. by looking at the following images i think it's safe to surmise that i was into: libraries, whales, glitter butterfly stickers and muppets.