Tuesday, July 27, 2010

i remember when i listened to arthur lee and love for the first time. i was sitting at a computer located inside the walls of my hometown's public library. this was back in new hampshire and back in the days when i still didn't own a computer. in fact, it would be another few years until i eventually caved in and purchased one. so, i was sitting at the computer checking out some music sites all the while feeling a set of staring eyes upon me. the omniscient library high priestess was onto my tricks and although i wasn't doing anything illegal, not at that moment anyhow, perhaps i was being a bit unscrupulous with my library etiquette. i tried to put the heightened sense of self-awareness aside in order to concentrate on what i needed, the reason i was at the library in the first place; a fix of new music. i put on my headphones and prepared myself for a 30-minute session of harmonious aerobics. thirty minutes being the amount of time allotted to people like me who were using a shared public computer. i navigated my way to some music blog, the name escapes me now, and sure enough by the time my 30 minutes were up, i had found a new favorite band in love and a new favorite voice, which was arthur lee. i heard bummer in the summer today and it made me think about all the years spent without the inundation of technology, which now overwhelms me. how did we all get to this place? are we connected or disconnected? i go back and forth on the subject. i say, let's listen to this song and think about it.